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Today's #CapOut Rates

LO Business Model Suggestion:

Use these rates to build relationships with Realtors. If your compensation was at 1% ($4,000), you’d choose the
30-year fixed rate that works best for your client and have the possibility of offering a lender credit to your client. You need the most competitive rates to take market share!

Upon achieving our company commission cap, these will be the raw rates from which you’ll set your own compensation. You can update compensation Client Direct Mortgage, once a quarter. This allows you the flexibility to get out there and win deals!

Conv #CapOut Rates - 6/5/2023

LO Business Model Suggestion:

With monthly MI premiums down on the FHA loan product it's ready to compete with conventional. With our competitive rates, your buyer's purchasing power can be increased. Be sure to share this with the Realtor community!

FHA #CapOut Rates -

LO Business Model Suggestion:

Look out for our Veterans! Bring the most competitive rates without sacrificing service and this loyal group of consumers will grow your business. There is still the opportunity to win over the Veteran community primarily due to the fact many lenders take advantage of their loyalty and gouge them on rates/pricing. Work with a company that empowers you to take care of them!

VA #CapOut Rates -